From the archives: Revisiting my early-2000s Half-Life levels

When I was a younger, before I discovered programming, I was really into level design. Specifically: I was really into designing Half-Life levels. Over the years I made dozens of small maps, but the only ones I released were three popular maps for the Sven Co-op mod. All three were included in official releases of the mod, and remained so for many years.

However: time passed, and in later versions the maps were removed to make way for newer levels. So, in the interest of preserving these files, I’ve decided today to re-release them in one handy archive: Click here to download it!

All the maps require to run is a copy of Half-Life (Update: I’ve now been informed you don’t even need Half-Life! Though you really should own the best PC game ever made) and the free Sven Co-op mod. Both of these are available on Steam, and there’s step-by-step installation instructions inside the zip file.

Working on these maps was some of the most fun I’ve ever had working on games, and it inspired me to seek out a career in the industry. If you enjoy playing them just 1% as much as I did making them back in the day, then they’ll be well worth your time. If you try the maps and have any feedback or thoughts, or just want to reminisce about early-2000s modding,  I’d love to hear from you!