Last week I once again participated in #7DFPS, the game jam that challenges you to produce a complete, first-person game in one week. As I’m now working on a first person shooter in my dayjob, I decided to create a different kind of first-person game this time: an arcade flight simulator.

Like Tank Commando 3D I opted for a distinctive 1-bit art style to keep the art workload down, but unlike that game, I decided to build this game in Unity instead of using my homegrown engine. The result is a fast, frantic, arcadey dogfighting sim that’s surprisingly addictive! Something I’m particularly happy with that I wasn’t able to add last time is the sound design, especially the lovely Doppler flyby effects that came built-in with Unity!

You can play SKYBRAWL (and see some video and screenshots) in your browser, at