New Game: Tank Commando 3D

Last weekend I took part in #7DFPS, the game jam that challenges you to produce a complete, first-person game in one week. First person shooters have always been my favourite genre of game, but I’ve never had a chance to program one, so this was a real delight for me.

To keep the workload manageable, I opted to build a stealth game about sneaking around and blowing up tanks, with a 1-bit art style inspired by Battlezone and Return of the Obra Dinn. These choices meant I didn’t need to create any textures or character animations, which allowed me to focus my time on movement, gunplay, AI and level design. The result is a surprisingly addictive and replayable shooter with a very distinct design!

You can download Tank Commando 3D (and see some video and screenshots), for free, from